We've made a great effort to collaborate with only the best and most proven DeFi platfoms; to provide lucrative and low-risk* oppurtinities to generate passive income while also surrorting our ongoing development.

Thanks to a prior relationship with the team behind SwapMatic, a DEX aggregator and a true Polygon OG (present since testnet), providing liquidity for $gNFT/$MATIC on their dex provides passive income in $SWAM, in addigion to the standard trading fee rewards.

The GYSR protocol allows anyone to deploy staking pools at little to no cost, with time-weighted rewards and multipliers applied by spending their token when staking. Currently there are two GYSR pools paying out high rewards with more planned, currnetly the pools accept staking LP tokens from Quickswap for the $gNFT/$MATIC and the $gNFT/$QUICK pairings. 
Not sure how to set up liquidity? Check out this video.

A multifaceted, polychain defi network with deployable yield farms, autocompounding vaults, and dynamic balanced liquidity pools. **Coming Soon**


Liquidity Pairings for $gNFT

Currently; the gNFT/MATIC and gNFT/QUICK pools have rewards active. More are coming soon. 

Firebird - gNFT/USDC